Principal Investigator

image-left Chen Liang, PhD, FAMIA
Chen’s research has focused on medical informatics, including Electronic Health Records (EHR), multi-modal health data integration, medical knowledge representation, machine learning, and clinical Natural Language Processing to be used for clinical decision support, EHR-based phenotyping and data mining, and clinical implementation. He has been intrigued by cognitive science, data science, and artificial intelligence in medicine.
PhD in Biomedical Informatics, University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHealth)
MS in Psychology, Soochow University
BE in Electrical and Information Engineering, Soochow University
Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Research Assistants

image-left Tianchu Lyu
Tianchu is a doctoral student at Arnold School of Public Health. Curriculum Vitae

image-left Nadia Ghumman, MBBS, CFMG Certified
Nadia is a licensed physician with Pakistan Medical Commission. Currently, she is pursuing Executive MHA at Arnold School of Public Health.

image-left Yuanzhen Yue
Yuanzhen is a doctoral student from the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, majoring in Biostatistics. His research interests focus on adaptive design in clinical trials, Bayesian models, and machine learning.

image-left Jialei He
Jialei is a master’s student from department of Computer Science College of Engineering and Computing. Curriculum Vitae

Visiting Students

Angela Bai
Angela is a high school research intern in the Summer of 2021 who is passionate about biomedicine and medical informatics.


image-left Xiajie Zhou, BM
Xiajie is a graduate student at Nanjing Medical University. She was a visiting student in the Spring of 2020.

image-left Andrew Jordan Eidson
Andrew is a medical student at University of South Carolina School of Medicine. He was a research intern in the summer of 2020.

image-left Manting Zhang
Manting is a graduate student at Nanjing Medical University. She was a visiting student in the Spring of 2021.